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We are all about enjoying cycling with other women of similar fitness and interest. And you can join too!

Who Are We & What We Do!

Hi, we are Ladies Back On Your Bike

Ladies Back On Your Bike is a ladies cycling group that caters for all levels of female cyclists, from those who wish to learn to ride to 3 different levels of ladies cycling on roads and/or paths. We are for fun, fitness and camaraderie. With great trips, tours and local rides taking you to interesting places you never knew existed! We’re a pretty friendly bunch too! Take a look below…


Join Group Rides

Join the most SUITABLE of the 3 riding groups depending on your pace and cycling skills.

Learn To Ride

Learn from nationally accredited AusCycle instructors. 

Meet Other Women

Ride with other like-minded women and create new friendships. Cycling is not just a sport or a mode of transport, but a vehicle that connects you with others and the world around you.

Discover Melbourne, Australia and Overseas!

Ride on the numerous bike paths and/or roads in and around Melbourne. You will be amazed how many there are! You will thoroughly enjoy our interstate and overseas trips too.

Road Rides

We provide road riding in 3 distinct levels, based on pace and skill level!
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Path Rides

We provide path riding in 3 distinct levels, based on pace and skill level club member.
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Private & Group Lessons

If you have never learnt to ride, learn NOW! Learn to ride a bike or refresh your skills and get back on your bike today.
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Are you a confident road riding cyclist?

We have a special group for you!

Bayside Cycling Club, is an offshoot of Ladies Back On Your Bike


I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was a teenager many many years ago. I began riding with Jacinta in a most nervous and tentative way . Her enthusiasm encouragement and enormous experience made her an ideal teacher . She had high expectations of me which resulted in me participating in the wonderful and challenging ‘Great Victorian Bike Ride ‘ with Jacinta. We have also travelled by…


I loved the 3 week course. It was a good pace, especially with the road introduction, then the ride home along Station St today. Trying out the bike paths is interesting too. I hope you are given more grants to continue the introduction programs! (And 6 months later wrote:) I joined LBOYB cycling classes with the aim to improve my cycling fitness, endurance and manage riding in…


I have found Jacinta Costello to be a most amazing person in general, but in particular relating to her cycling skills, absolutely outstanding. It is like she has a sixth sense as to where the obstacles or dangers might be; from car doors opening to giving way on shared cycling/walking paths to a stray dog walking across your path or to more tricky situations involving trucks…


I have had several fun cycling adventures organised by Jacinta over the past 10 years to New Zealand, Tasmania and North East Victoria. Her fun loving disposition and smooth organisational skills, along with her hands on approach made each trip so enjoyable. She makes the most of every opportunity and solves any adversity without a fuss so I highly recommend you hop on your bike and join her for a ride/adventure.


I found the course informative, motivating and an inspiring way to get one back on your bike. It gives you confidence to get out there and have a pedal! Jacinta was encouraging, patient, positive and a great mentor to teach bike skills. Overall I would highly recommend this course to inspire anyone who wants to get back on their bike. Jacinta was a fantastic, positive, patient teacher,…


Jacinta is a knowledgeable and experienced cyclist.  Although I had been cycling for some time, it was not until joining Jacinta on a ride that I learned to comfortably use the full range of gears and to use the correct hand signals. Instructions are given calmly and clearly and her leadership is reflected in the preparation and planning for each ride. She has inspired me to…


This course was exactly what I needed and I truly hope the local council will continue to encourage the Community to bond together, by encouraging participation in this type of event, it’s a fast changing and hectic pace of life these days due to mobiles, the internet and computers.  I have recently moved into the City of Kingston for a sea change and felt quite isolated…


Thanks to LBOYB I got back on a bike for the first time in 30 years. I am now riding merrily along local bike tracks and loving it. The instructors are great fun and make it easy for me to gain confidence riding my bike.


Jacinta is a great teacher who has helped in me get back on my bike.  She is an enthusiastic and supportive,encouraging cycling professional. I have thoroughly enjoyed the organised rides with Jacinta who is like a tour guide giving us interesting bits of information. She lives and breathes “cycling”. I have no hesitation in recommending Jacinta as she sets out on a new venture. Why not…


When some crazy friends asked us a few years ago to do the Great Vic Bike Ride,we replied don’t be mad we don’t even own bikes, anyway out we went bought bikes and proceeded to go up and down the bike path. However, what we learnt from Jacinta on that day and on subsequent rides was invaluable to a couple of novices, we didn’t know to say…

Sue & Garth

Latest News

Both trips in Europe this year were once again, fantastic!
How do you cope with a Melbourne winter? Go north! Way north!? We had 2 trips to Europe this winter: 1. A group of 11 ladies had a wonderful time cycling from Killarney in Ireland to Brugge in Belgium. Over 18 days, with a 4 day break in the middle spent on the delightful Channel
Wow! our Bowral trip was a huge success, great riding, great camaraderie!
One of our trips within Australia this year was the Bowral trip for the Gear group within our Club. Despite beginning in poor weather from Sydney airport where 2 LBOYB vans and drivers collected the ladies who’d flown up from Melbourne for the 9 days of cycling. We began the cycling from just north of
Ladies thoroughly enjoyed our cycle in Tasmania
How great to again be cycling in Tasmania! We are just back from our 5th annual cycling trek to Tassie in 5 years, where once again we had 2 groups cycling. Both cycling, as well eating, laughing and shopping in beautiful Tasmania. : The first group cycled from the cute village in north  east Tasmania,
RACV helping ladies cycling
Don’t get stranded on the side of the road in 2019! I think you definitely should be able to change a tube! ? ….however, there may be other times when you might get ‘stuck’….Maybe this is of interest to you? Save with RACV Bike Assist As a proud partner of Cycling Victoria, RACV is offering
Loving that pedalling with Ladies Back On Your Bike
Ladies Back On Your Bike has 5 groups of cyclists. They are differentiated by  skills and pace and whether they wish to ride on the road or only on the path. They then are able to ride comfortably in that group, knowing they wont be intimidated nor bored. Movement up to another group is welcomed.
Now, we Ladies can cycle without the trucks on Beach Rd.,
As of Feb.25th 2019: Full time truck restrictions apply on Beach Road from Bay Street, Port Melbourne to Nepean Highway, Mordialloc. This means truck drivers will be required to use the Nepean Highway and other freight routes unless: completing a local delivery (this ensures businesses and the community located along this road can still receive
This is what LBOYB is all about.
LBOYB (Ladies Back On Your Bike) is about ladies cycling in one of the 5 different levels offered, whether that be on the road or on the path. And  for fun and fitness.

Ladies Back On Your Bike is a member of AusCycling
Bayside Cycling Club, is an off shoot of Ladies Back On Your Bike