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Meet our AusCycling Instructors & Ride Leaders

Ladies Back On Your Bike, began in 2013 doing just that! It has now grown to not only cater for ”getting ladies back to cycling”, but also now caters for:

  • 1. Ladies in Melbourne who have never learned to ride
  • 2. Ladies who are happiest cycling on road bikes on busy roads in a bunch,
  • 3. And all levels in between these two extremes.

Our business is based on our determination to place each rider in a group of similarly skilled women, where they feel most comfortable, neither bored nor intimidated.  We provide rides and fun events which in turn create fantastic camaraderie and health benefits. Enjoy meeting and cycling with these Instructors, Ride Leaders and our members. I’m sure you will agree they are motivating and passionate about getting you cycling and moreover, are fabulous mentors.

Narelle Beurle

I learnt to ride at the age of 8-9 on my older brother’s bike which Dad had fitted three-inch wooden blocks on the pedals so I could reach them.  It was challenging, and I never really had any lessons or support so didn’t really keeping riding much.

I took up riding seriously at the age of 30 after a friend convinced me to buy a bike and join her riding on Sunday mornings along beach road with a group.  I loved it.  The group was so welcoming (girls and guys) and really took me under their wing and taught me a lot.  I haven’t looked back.  I have done many bike-riding holiday trips through Asia in South China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and two trips in Italy including following the GIRO world tour for three weeks back in 2016. I have also done most of the rail trails in Victoria and really enjoy doing weekends away exploring as well.  I joined Ladies Back on Your Bike in 2020.  Joining the group has been the best thing I’ve done in years, really got my passion back for cycling and met so many great ladies along the way.  I have been a trainer/facilitator in my professional life for many decades, so when Jacinta asked me to become a ride leader of course I said yes, it felt like a natural progression for me.  

Like other Instructor’s with Ladies Back On Your Bike, I too have successfully completed my AusCycling Foundation Instructor Road course.

 I am really looking forward to meeting many more ladies and sharing my passion for bike riding any fun adventures together.

Barbara Niglio

My cycling history dates from memories of cycling with my 9-month-old youngest child in a seat on the back, to the pull along third wheel, baby ‘cino days with the ladies, moving into local events such as MS Melb ride, then Great Vic Bike Rides some with and some without children, always with a great gang of friends and my middle brother. Eventually my youngest brother who had grown away from the family, talked me into and helped me choose a road bike. He and his friend (both A grade racers) trained me up with the local bike club and accompanied me on the full Around the Bay. I remember the trip down to Geelong; them up front, me hanging on, followed by a peloton of a few hundred other riders, all enjoying our super domestiques! Later I was even convinced to give Crit racing a go, which saw me enjoy winning a little cash in the lower grades. I continued to ride with the local riders and my husband deciding I was having too much fun without him, started to come along too. Previously a very proficient skier, he has become a really strong cyclist and a not bad mechanic too. Our adventures continue and we take many cycling holidays with our riding buddies, including going over to the Tour Down Under each year in Adelaide. I’ve been a teacher in various capacities. Consequently, a chance conversation has now led me to complete my training (AusCycling) as have the other leaders in LBOYB/Bayside Cycling Club. It is immensely satisfying to see how quickly students can feel the joy of riding a bike. I love watching them depart from the lesson, so proud of their new skills. I have loved meeting such friendly and welcoming riders in my cycling with different groups in LBOYB and BCC. I am looking forward to more rides with them. The simple act of riding a bike is far from simple, as it gives us so much more. It develops both our mental and physical selves. Through the increase in fitness, other attributes such as confidence, friendships, relationships all develop. And finally of course cycling adds to a sustainable lifestyle.

Karen Gittins

Finding the cycling group, Ladies Back On Your Bike, has kept up my motivation. Recently, I completed the 2016 Ride to Conquer Cancer with 54 of my LBOYB friends and teammates, as well as several other 100km challenges. The journey I have been on as part of LBOYB has changed my life for the better. I have enjoyed so many adventures and can’t wait to share these discoveries with all of you. I have ended up with such a passion for cycling that I feel compelled to spread the message of how rewarding it can be to everyone I come across. When the opportunity arose to become a LBOYB ride leader it seemed a natural progression for me, as I knew it would be a great way to help and inspire other ladies to get started on what could be a lifelong passion of fitness and fun! I look forward to meeting all members and sharing some amazing cycling adventures with you.

Dy Bailey

I learnt to ride on gravel / mud roads in Papua New Guinea. Our little group thought catching the school bus was “woosy”, so we rode everyday we possibly could. Sadly bicycles weren’t cool throughout my highschool years and so I moved on to motor bikes.

It wasn’t until after Uni when I met my partner that we bought mountain bikes and cycled around in NZ, did a couple of the Great Bike rides and just made bikes a part of our lives.
For 7 years I taught bike and trike riding in Special schools and caught the bug of teaching riding. That gave me a lot of skills in problem solving and adapting teaching and bike design to suit different disabilities.
So it is a great joy to be back teaching riding, this time to women in Ladies Back On Your Bike, who can comprehend instructions and no one has yet used a bike to do a runner from the BP carpark.
Personally I prefer the bikepaths, quiet streets and getting out into nature or just pedalling down to do the shopping.  On a bike I just feel so free.

Carolyn Ward

Carolyn has always been a cyclist, enjoying both the exploration of the many bike paths Melbourne has to offer and commuting to work.

Through joining Ladies Back on Your Bike in 2019 she has developed an even stronger love of cycling.  Watch out for her, on either her hybrid or road bike, she’s out there most days, loving it all!

Barely a day goes by when she isn’t on one of her bikes. Carolyn has had a career as a Registered Nurse and Lawyer, lives in Camberwell with her husband Anthony, she has 2 adult children who have flown the coop which gives her plenty of time to ride. Carolyn was excited when Jacinta offered her the opportunity to become an LBOYB leader. Like all the leaders in Ladies Back On Your Bike, Carolyn has completed and gained relevant and appropriate Cycling Australia qualifications.