«Jacinta is passionate about cycling and is dedicated, thorough and enthusiastic about whatever task she undertakes….»


« Just wanted to Thank you Jacinta for the ride on Wednesday, and the swim afterwards. We had a great time over the three sessions, wish there were more for sure…»


Jacinta has an amazing enthusiasm for cycling and a bubbly go get them personality I couldn’t help but get inspired myself to get my wheels on the road


Jacinta enjoys life to the fullest and has such enthusiasm for life that, I am sure, she could share with you. Look forward to be taken on a ride with Jacinta!!!


I have only recently met Jacinta and so am new to cycling with her – however I have found her to be warm and welcoming and generous with her sharing of experiences and cycling tips.


Every ride with Jacinta has been lots of fun and packed full of adventure. Exploring the bike paths of Melbourne and beyond has been an awesome experience.


I hadn’t ridden a bike since I was a teenager many many years ago. I began riding with Jacinta in a most nervous and tentative way . Her enthusiasm encouragement and enormous experience made her an ideal teacher . She had high expectations of me which resulted in me participating in the wonderful and challenging ‘Great Victorian Bike Ride ‘ with Jacinta. We have also travelled by bike along the Danube river from Vienna to Budapest. I would never have made either of these amazing vibrant journeys without Jacinta’s skilful coaching and her ability to develop my confidence as a rider’


I loved the 3 week course. It was a good pace, especially with the road introduction, then the ride home along Station St today. Trying out the bike paths is interesting too. I hope you are given more grants to continue the introduction programs!
(And 6 months later wrote:)
I joined Jacinta’s cycling classes with the aim to improve my cycling fitness, endurance and manage riding in heavy traffic. I learned that and so much more, including bike maintenance and equipment advice, road and trail riding tips, effective use of the ‘mysterious’ bike gears and discovered new bike trails!Jacinta has a fun, encouraging teaching style and very experienced.  I’m now riding regularly with the lovely ladies I met in the class, having lots of laughs and conversation whilst easily covering 40-50km!  We do it ‘in style’ following interesting bike trails, with a nice café for coffee or lunch, as our half way incentive, then return!


I’ve known Jacinta since I was little – now in my 50s and still following her round on the bike… some things never change. She is a great friend and we currently enjoy a weekly ride along Beach Road. Jacinta’s always looking out for our safety and everyone else’s. We also manage to share lots of laughs and stories as we get our exercise in for the day. She’s a good person to have with you on the road.
Good luck with it all!


I have known Jacinta for a number of years and we have participated in some wonderful cycling rides, most notably around the Rutherglen area of Northern Victoria and from Mansfield to Yea, also in Victoria. Jacinta’s outgoing nature and positive outlook made our rides most enjoyable. I would endorse Jacinta’s new venture, conducting cycling classes, as she enjoys cycling and has the teaching skills to impart the necessary cycling knowledge to the novice cyclist or the more experienced cyclist.”


I have found Jacinta Costello to be a most amazing person in general, but in particular relating to her cycling skills, absolutely outstanding. It is like she has a sixth sense as to where the obstacles or dangers might be; from car doors opening to giving way on shared cycling/walking paths to a stray dog walking across your path or to more tricky situations involving trucks and cars on major roads. Also she can handle and guide others over a variety of surfaces from loose bitumen or gravel to sandy paths around tight corners.

All of this comes from an enormous amount of cycling experience combined with an overall caring attitude toward all fellow human beings.

I would like to mention a particular incidence, where to this day, I would say that Jacinta literally saved my life. Being a nervous rider, I often find it difficult to take in the myriad of obstacles, surfaces, other moving objects like cars and people, all while staying upright and trying to enjoy the sights and freedom of bicycle riding around Melbourne. For some reason I had a ‘blank moment’ (not that rare actually) and was going way too fast as we approached a round-about on a major road – it was near the seaside so I may have looked toward the glistening blue water instead of the gleaming car bearing down on me. The car was turning quickly and directly into my path and if not for Jacinta’s ‘hearty’ interjection I would have hit it hard and done some real damage – to me, not the car.

This was a few years ago now, but I remember it vividly and will be eternally grateful to Jacinta for her keen attention and immediate action when she saw that I was not concentrating.

There have been many other examples of where she has pulled me up, or suggested safer routes or stopped and waited while I cleared a particular obstacle. Whenever I ride with her, I know there is someone very capable looking out for me, and that adds immeasurably to my confidence and hence my joy of the experience.

Thank you Jacinta.


I have had several fun cycling adventures organised by Jacinta over the past 10 years to New Zealand, Tasmania and North East Victoria. Her fun loving disposition and smooth organisational skills, along with her hands on approach made each trip so enjoyable. She makes the most of every opportunity and solves any adversity without a fuss so I highly recommend you hop on your bike and join her for a ride/adventure.


I found the course informative, motivating and an inspiring way to get one back on your bike. It gives you confidence to get out there and have a pedal! Jacinta was encouraging, patient, positive and a great mentor to teach bike skills. Overall I would highly recommend this course to inspire anyone who wants to get back on their bike. Jacinta was a fantastic, positive, patient teacher, who provided me with numerous cycling skills and encouraged me to get back on my bike-what a role model!


Jacinta is a knowledgeable and experienced cyclist.  Although I had been cycling for some time, it was not until joining Jacinta on a ride that I learned to comfortably use the full range of gears and to use the correct hand signals. Instructions are given calmly and clearly and her leadership is reflected in the preparation and planning for each ride.
She has inspired me to ride more and to ride further.


This course was exactly what I needed and I truly hope the local council will continue to encourage the Community to bond together, by encouraging participation in this type of event, it’s a fast changing and hectic pace of life these days due to mobiles, the internet and computers.  I have recently moved into the City of Kingston for a sea change and felt quite isolated in my new environment.

Although,  I love the freedom of working remotely from home,  I find I have little communication with the outside world and  broader community, hence it is important to me to get out and participate in group activities when I can. I had not ridden for over twenty years and I was curious about the advert in the Leader Newspaper. I rang and had a lovely personal chat with Jacinta about whether I was suitable to participate, only to learn anybody can join, you’re never too old, and you were overwhelmed with women calling to participate.

I  promptly purchased a bike from our local trader, I am eternally grateful that Jacinta was the Instructor, an inspirational person who is living and enjoying a healthy active life. I enjoyed the basics on the first session right through till the end of the final lesson. From learning quickly about our fellow riders, how to maintain our bicycles, seat heights, changing tyres, etc , etc., weaving in and out of witches hats, left and right hand signaling and turns, sharp breaking and how to avoid obstacles such as cars along with various other snippets of information only an experienced rider would know.

Your experience in how to tackle the Nepean Hwy, and enjoying the bike paths that hug the shoreline from Mordialloc to Rickets Point (Who would have thought I’d be having a cuppa with twelve women at Rickets Point on a Wednesday morning).Then a final lesson where you let your ducklings cruise from Mordialloc to the Patterson River what a joyful ride that was so much satisfaction achieving a 20 km ride..WOW Im a cyclist now.

I now love the freedom of hopping on my bike and clearing my brain with a ride and look forward to joining the other lovely lively ladies I met for a social ride and chat soon.


Thanks to Jacinta I got back on a bike for the first time in 30 years. I am now riding merrily along local bike tracks and loving it. Jacinta is great fun and she made it easy for me to gain confidence riding my bike.


Jacinta is a great teacher who has helped in me get back on my bike.  She is an enthusiastic and supportive,encouraging cycling professional. I have thoroughly enjoyed the organised rides with Jacinta who is like a tour guide giving us interesting bits of information. She lives and breathes “cycling”. I have no hesitation in recommending Jacinta as she sets out on a new venture. Why not trade the gym for a wonderful outing getting some vitamin D and getting close to nature on an exciting ride with Jacinta.


If you want to have fun and enjoy a great bike ride, Jacinta is the one to take you. I have done quite a few bike rides with her over the years and it has been so much fun at a steady  pace with stops for drinks, coffee, lunch or loo. You can cover 30-40 Kim’s without knowing how far you have travelled. She is a passionate bike rider and it shows. She really wants you to enjoy riding too.


When some crazy friends asked us a few years ago to do the Great Vic Bike Ride,we replied don’t be mad we don’t even own bikes, anyway out we went bought bikes and proceeded to go up and down the bike path. However, what we learnt from Jacinta on that day and on subsequent rides was invaluable to a couple of novices, we didn’t know to say “passing on your right” or to wave our right hand behind our backs to let following riders know we were either slowing or stopping. She also told us if we are riding along the road , to ride two abreast , that way we don’t get crowded in the lane by traffic, hopefully they will pass us in the other lane. She also told me to keep my arms straight to help take the pressure off my neck and upper arms which made all the difference to my posture. What this Gal doesn’t know about cycling isn’t worth knowing

Sue & Garth

I cycled a lot when young (London to Greece),  but was in grave danger of becoming a lapsed cyclist until Jacinta introduced me to cycle touring, since then have cycled to every coffee shop in reach via the Great Victorian Bike Ride, New Zealand, Tasmania, West Australia, and from Prague to Budapest.  I recommend her infectious enthusiasm to kindle one’s love of cycling safely and enjoyably.


Having been away in country Victoria on a cycling trip , which Jacinta organised, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her patience and kindness makes one feel relaxed. She has untold experience in good health practices and exercise, especially cycling. Her organisational skills are excellent,  is  safety conscious and most importantly she has a great sense of fun.


In July 2012 I was invited by Jacinta Costello to be one of four people on a week’s holiday in Denmark. I didn’t know two of the group at all and I didn’t know Jacinta particularly well at that stage. The majority of the week was to be spent cycling in the countryside using an itinerary devised by Jacinta. Several times things didn’t go according to plan; two flat tyres requiring time consuming repair, and another when the wrong train was taken. (Yes it was a cycling holiday but sometimes a change to the itinerary necessitates the taking of the train!)As far as Jacinta was concerned all that was needed was a tweak to the itinerary and a quick change of plans to accommodate what had happened. Our cycling holiday was an unforgettable experience made so in no small measure by Jacinta’s unfailing enthusiasm. When things went wrong she would just try another approach. She was also instrumental in bringing together those of us who hadn’t known each other prior to the trip. Jacinta, through her long standing teaching qualification, is able to explain and suggest in a way that is clear and positive. She is always delighted to pass on the skills she has gained during the course of her life, about cycling – a pursuit she is passionate about. Since our return from Denmark, Jacinta and I have become great friends.


Hello my name is Peter Langtry and my 1st encounter with Jacinta and my lack of experience occurred approximately 8 years ago when I was riding my bike in The Great Victorian Bike Ride which traversed through and up and over Victoria’s Otway Ranges. Three days into the ride I realised I needed help and the guidance of someone to find out where I was going wrong, I was really struggling to get up the hills and even my descents were nowhere near what I had expected in terms of speed in fact everybody including young children were passing me if not on the way up then on the way down, I was at my wits end. Luckily some kind soul recommended Jacinta. Thanks to Jacinta’s keen eye for detail I was able to repair my bike and really enjoyed the remaining 3 days of the ride and I am certain that without Jacinta’s experience I would have ridden all the way to Geelong with bike trouble. In conclusion I would like to say that from that time forward I have had the greatest respect and admiration for Jacinta Costello both as a cycling consultant and an understanding cycling guide.


I put my bike to rest after my school days and that was over 30 years ago but thanks to Jacinta she got me riding again with a lovely group of women. This was the start of many hilarious trips away with the girls. The Great Vic Bike Ride along the Great Ocean Road, Ballarat, Daylesford and Round the Bay in a Day. It took many smaller cycling trips and lots of great coffee stops to build up to the bigger trips but along the way I’ve shared a lot of laughs, sweat and thankfully no tears. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice I highly recommend Jacinta. She’ll sort you out and help you get the most out of cycling.


Jacinta is enthusiastic and very keen about adding cycling into any adventure. She is great at organising cycling trips in particular the logistics of transporting bicycles, the special coffee stops or luncheon destinations that add to the fun of the day. She is very supportive. She can provide advice about skills that will help you ride, such as your body position on the bike and even notices whether your helmet needs tightening. This all helps with cycling safety. She is mindful of differing degrees of cycling skills from competent to slow as a snail. Her encouraging conversation helps with hill climbing and completing the distance. I would recommend Cycling with Jacinta as she provided a fun way to see the world through cycling and I personally gained in additional confidence to help me ride through life.


I took up riding with Jacinta early in the year. After a break from riding for 25 years, I was terrified of riding on busy roads. Jacinta has given me the confidence, taught me the skills and now I can enjoy riding on my bike on my own. Also I found Jacinta’s organisational skills in introducing women to new experiences, setting up group riding sessions with women who share same skill and were of a similar standard of riding, opened up for me more ways to enjoy life. Thank you Jacinta.


Jacinta introduced me to a group of ladies who, like me, wanted to participate in some recreational cycling. The group she introduced me to all had cycling skills and abilities very similar to mine. Jacinta was inspirational to this group and really fired up our enthusiasm to the extent that we now meet regularly and have enjoyed not only some great riding adventures, but have had some great conversations and some great coffees together along the way.


Jacinta convinced me against my better judgement that I could indeed cycle around corners! I’ve never looked back and since joined her in a cycle around Margaret River with a great bunch of friends. She brings the perfect combination of knowledge about all things bicycle (fixing that flat tyre in the middle of nowhere!), superb organisational skills with a great eye for detail and most of all, fun.


More than happy to tell the whole world about what a wonderful
person/teacher Jacinta is! I am one of the lucky ladies who was fortunate enough to spend some time with Jacinta recently. I am of the ‘older brigade’ and did have some reservations about riding – or – trying to ride again BUT little did I know what a dynamo I was going to be dealing with. It is many years since I have been fortunate enough to come in contact with such a positive (anything can be done and will be done) kind of person. She is like a breath of fresh air (no pun intended) and I can’t wait to learn more about this pastime – cycling.


I was introduced to Jacinta through a friend. Although I was very apprehensive at first, due to my lack of fitness and being in the over 60’s vintage, I found Jacinta to be a very nurturing, encouraging and above all a very positive person. Jacinta’s approach to teaching cycling is by example with clear instructions. She is never judgemental and very understanding of one’s short comings. She is very enthusiastic and professional in her approach to teaching all aspects of cycling. Thank you Jacinta for making me believe in myself, your time, patience and always with that smile. I look forward to doing many more trails with you in the future.


I first met Jacinta Costello through a mutual friend at my tennis club who asked was I interested in joining a small group (4 women) to do a little cycling. I am not an overly adventurous person so decided to extend myself and took up the challenge. I have enjoyed many happy times, including a cycling trip down the east coast of Tasmania and another a couple of years later on the North Island of New Zealand with Jacinta and the girls. Jacinta is a wonderful organiser, always positive in any situation and most of all always full of fun and energy. She brings out the best in you and your ability to venture outside your comfort zone. i.e. We hired a six berth mobile home and at first sight I felt I would only meet disaster when it came my turn to drive, however, I eventually managed to drive up steep slopes and into supermarket car parks. I surprised everyone, most of all myself. Thanks Jacinta for all the fun and good luck with your new venture.


I’m a fairly keen cyclist myself and it was through this wonderful activity that I was introduced to Jacinta. I have come to know Jacinta very well over the last 10 years or so, socially and through cycling, either just cycling or on group cycling holidays. Jacinta is undoubtedly a cycling enthusiast, not just on the road but a lover of bike trails and with a great sense of adventure that has taken her and friends through many countries as well. These experiences have not just enriched Jacinta’s life but endowed her with an enthusiasm for riding and a desire to imbue this enthusiasm in others. More recently Jacinta has reinforced her own personal cycling experience with formal training as a bike riding teacher, advocate and ambassador; a measure of Jacinta’s energy and desire to introduce others to a wonderful and healthy activity. I wish Jacinta much success and to those who join her on the bike.


I was lucky in finding Jacinta to help me start to ride a bike, I did not learn as a child and learning as an adult is quite a challenge… Well she had me up and cycling within the first 15 minutes of the first lesson! Jacinta is the most patient and encouraging teacher I think I’ve ever had and I’m now riding 25k and in training for the Cycle for Cancer Melbourne Ride in Oct 13. Very strongly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their cycling ability at any level, she has so much knowledge and…. makes it fun! Thank you Jacinta!


I have had the pleasure of knowing Jacinta for about 6 years. During that time we have shared our love of cycling through completing the Around the Bay, taking leisurely weekend rides and an 8 day cycle trip south of Perth with a group of great girls. Jacinta is an exceptionally competent cyclist who is passionate about keeping cyclists safe on our roads, teaching others to ride for the first time or re-engage if it has been awhile. She’s a load of fun, very engaging, patient, safety conscious and I would highly recommend her to anyone who has been searching for the right person to start or re-engage cycling with.


I would like to thank you for the chance to start cycling again after years of not owning a bike let alone riding. I found that with your experience and enthusiasm and most important making the rides fun and at our own pace gave me confidence to ride again. The coffee stop was an important part of the program and a great time to share stories with the group. I have been riding short distances along the beach bike tracks but would like to be a part of a ‘cycling group’ as it a great feeling to be with women who share this enjoyment but still call it ‘fun’.


One day Jacinta asked if I wanted to join her on a bike ride to Ricketts Point … I hadn’t been on a bike for about 30 years, had no bike, but she offered to lend me one, so I said yes. The bike had gears…what were they? It was a “boys” bike with skinny tyres and hand brakes…OMG… what had I got myself in for? We finally arrived at the cafe for a hot chocolate and all I could think of was having to get back on the bike and ride the 11km home! Oh no! What gear do I need? Which brake do I use….Jacinta calmly talked me through it all. Now, 10 years later I am riding each week, have bought a new wizzbang bike, have made new cycling friends, done rides of over several days and look forward to hot chocolates in funky faraway places.
Thanks Cint..you opened up a new world for me.


I am impressed with Jacinta Costello’s enthusiasm and involvement in all things to do with cycling.
I first met her when she was working at The City of Bayside in the role of ‘Road Safety and Bicycle Education Officer’. I was part of an advisory group that she set up to decide what to implement in the Bayside Bicycle Strategy. Under her leadership, much was achieved. I wish her well in this important new venture, introducing women to cycling. I’m sure these beginners could not be in better hands, and will benefit greatly from her positive and enthusiastic attitude.