Ladies Back On Your Bike, advises members to take out cycling insurance, so as to be covered 24/7

Members please note, you are “riding at your own risk and LBOYB does not take any responsibility for any injuries or accidents you may have on any of our rides”

Did you know that TAC does not cover you when cycling on a bike path?.

Basically there are 2 companies to decide between.

1. Cycling Victoria

2. Bicycle Network.

LBOYB is grateful for the support given by Cycling Victoria and Cycling Australia over the past 5 years. Suggested link for Insurance here.

Contact Ladies Back On Your Bike for a pdf file showing a comparison of these 2 companies policies.

Sadly though, neither of these companies, include your bike in this insurance.  To cover your bike against theft look into :

1. Cycle Cover

2. Cycleleash (not Insurance, but bluetooth app, a bit like ‘find my iPhone!)

3. Bike Sure

4. Friendsurance