Ladies Back On Your Bike: Europe trip 2016

How exciting, a quick summary of this Newsletter:
  • Europe 2016 is just about to be fully open for booking. A snip- it of info is in the January newsletter. Contact us if you would like to receive it.
  • A new group has been formed , P2R+
  • With a ratio of 1:3 teacher : beginner, many ‘nearly there’ sessions have been added to the calendar
  • Tasmania trip is just 4 weeks away. Sorry fully booked.
  • 2016 Path to Road course will start on Feb 13th. Details here. 
  • 2016 Roadies includes monthly country cycling trips. Starts Feb. 7th. Details re joining 
  • New Zealand cycling trip is planned for April 2017. Details and booking in a month.
  • New to the clothing store, neckties to keep you cool!

IMG_8842  Holland2Slovenia

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