Such cycling diversity, amazing women!

It’s fantastic to see and hear more ladies are keen to cycle. What a diverse selection we have joining us recently!

  • My hat (probs not my helmet!) is taken off to our latest new beginner, Veronica P, who is SO determined to achieve one of her bucket list goals, to learn to ride.  This is even more fantastic as Veronica is currently undergoing chemo. She comes to private lessons with Ladies Back on Your Bike, a couple of days after each treatment. Goddam wonderful, well done Veronica, you are inspirational!
  • MM has joined us from Canada. She surely can ride! She has in fact ridden for a month from Punta Arenas to Buenos Aires…..
  • AJ cycled by herself carrying her tent and all on an 11 day Caulfield- Lakes Entrance sojourn. This was pretty tame for AJ, as she had prior to this cycled 2000km in Taiwan and this was 18 months after we taught AJ to ride!

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