LBOYB cycled the Great Taste Trail, New Zealand

Featured photo:
Getting ready to cycle in Spooner’s Tunnel. This was a highlight of the trip, cycling in total darkness, with head torches for nearly 1.5km
The Wheelies claim they’re the first:
  • to ride with panniers on a LBOYB trip
  • to be delayed and have to stay an extra night, because of a cyclone
  • to enjoy the camaraderie of other Wheelies on a LBOYB trip!
The 7 day New Zealand ride of the Great Taste Trail Jan 26-Feb 1st was a heap of fun with a great group of ladies. They rode SO well, coping with surfaces that were often rough gravel, narrow trails and (they say) Hilly! Despite this, their smiles, determination and spirit was fantastic. I’ll happily take them away again! Thanks ladies for a heap of fun!
Below: (left to right)
(1) Just about to begin the Taste Of New Zealand Trail
 (2) Boardwalks near the shore. Darn, the tide was out…
(3) a little shopping therapy at a glass blowing factory.
 (4 and 5) the aftermath of the cyclone, showing the paths, totally unrideable
(6) Typical cycle path on the Great Taste trip
(7) Some hills werte harder!
(8) Relief! made it up that hill!
(9) Taking the ferry from Rabbit Island to our accom(10) Someone has a sense of humour!
(10) Final dinner before the cyclone, very pleasant garden setting.

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