LBOYB Cycle to support Afghan women

On  August 30th there is a ride for all of us. We won’t be alone, its an International event for support of Afgan women.

We won’t all be cycling together, rather we will cycle in our Groups. So, whether a BELL, SADDLE, WHEELIE, OR SPOKE, there is a distance and time suitable for you to join in, like so many others on this day around the world.
Worldwide, bikers, cyclists, commuters, and striders will take to their wheels in solidarity with the Afghan women that dare to ride, and in remembrance of the women that dared to ride before and in doing so, paved the way for independent mobility and freedom for women around the world.

So, basically the ride is from Bayside area to Footscray Market and back, BUT WAIT! , check the rides/events calendar to see where your group is riding on AUG.30, and I  hope to see you there!

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