Ladies enjoying the rides

We do ride!

And we have some fun too! Here is a collection of photos covering:

1. Tour Downunder South Australia.

2.Gardiner’s Creek Ride, Sadles

3.Capital City Ride, Spokes.

4.Over the other side, to Skeleton Creek, Saddles.

5. First session of Path 2 Road, how uniform is that! Saddles.

6. Gippsland weekend away: Bass Trail and great Southern Trail.

7. South Melb market night ride. All groups.

8. Cycling to the Melb Symphony Orchestra at Myer music Bowl. All groups.

9. Thursday Bells social ride.

Click on a photo to enlarge.


Pier Festival_01 Mehmet_My eastern spice A1 Ladies03 IMG_0290 IMG_0148IMG_0287 IMG_0295   IMG_0347

IMG_2951DSC02835IMG_3174 IMG_0373IMG_3363IMG_3294IMG_3288IMG_3181IMG_3263IMG_0404IMG_0136IMG_0139IMG_0109IMG_0095IMG_0079IMG_0080IMG_0082IMG_0093IMG_0051St. Melb Market

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