Skill Groups

Join ‘Ladies Back on Your Bike’ for a test ride or participate in a lesson to ensure you are allocated to the most suitable riding group. These  groups are differentiated by cycling skill level and fitness. Events for each group are specifically created with these levels in mind and adapted to speed and duration of the ride.


High level of cycle confidence.

Comfortable riding  2hr without stopping

Speed 23+kph

Could ride extended duration and distance, eg. daily 50km.


 Cycle confident

Comfortable riding 1.5hr without stopping

Speed 18+kph

Could ride daily distance 50km twice a week.


Gaining  confidence

Comfortable riding 3/4hr. without stopping

Speed 15+kph

Could ride daily distance 25km twice a week.


Cycling tentatively.

Comfortable riding 1/2hr. without stopping

Speed 12+kph

Could ride daily distance 15km, a couple of times a week.

* Members of Bell group and Saddle group are eligible to join ‘Path 2 Road’ Club.

For eligibility to join ‘Roadies’, please read here

For eligibility to join ‘”P2R+, please read here.