Roadies in Ladies Back On Your Bike

Roadies in Ladies Back On Your Bike

With the recent introduction of the qualifying 100km Ballarat ride,  ‘Ladies Back On Your Bike’ now has a new group, within the Bells group, known as Roadies 2016.

The qualified members are an energetic, determined and fun group of women. Most found the qualifying ride quite a challenge, especially those who rode on the day of 39 degrees!

Being a Roadie, opens up more ride opportunities and provides greater personal cycling challenges.

The ladies determination and commitment has paid off as they will now enjoy many rides of a higher calibre than they have ridden, with other great ladies of the same standard.

Last Sunday, the Roadies monthly country ride led by Keiran Ryan was a testing, undulating, “has a few lumps”, ride in Castlemaine. See the calendar for other Roadies events, including a Watt session and rides.






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