Path 2 Road

In many cases, women who joined LBOYB began by brushing the cobwebs off their bike.  Now that they’ve taken a few classes and joined in the Social and Leader-led rides around Melbourne – they are wanting more!

We have introduced the Path 2 Road program (P2R), which develops riders’ skills and confidence to broaden their cycling to include road riding.

The ‘Path 2 Road’ Program:  

  • The ‘Path 2 Road’ (P2R)  course is generally held 2-3 times per year.
  • Path 2 Road sessions are held over six weeks and consist of 6 x 2-hour sessions.
  •  The skill component of each session is held in a safe enclosed car park, at either,  Elwood or Brighton and Kew Boulevard.  The rides will mainly be on Beach Road after initial sessions are held in the car park and on less busy roads.  In Bayside and Kingston Municipalities, Beach Road, is free of parked cars, from 6am-10am on both Saturday’s and Sunday’s, which makes for a great place to cycle for our P2R sessions.
  • After completing the P2R program, many more rides and trips will open up to the participant, as these often include a road component.
In Path 2 Road we will teach the following skills:
Riding safely in pairs, gear changing, climbing hills, riding out of the seat, cadence, cycling in cleats (optional), descending hills, rotating the leader, looking over your shoulder, riding a paceline and cornering.
The groups will be a maximum of 12 riders per AusCycling accredited coach.  Maximum 3 groups on any event/session.
As a Saddle, Wheelie or Bell member, you are eligible to join the Path 2 Road program.

The cost for the P2R program is $115 for members and $220 for non-members.