We loved cycling the South Island of New Zealand!

We loved cycling the South Island of New Zealand!

Ladies Back On Your Bike followed up the Alps 2 Ocean with a second trip in New Zealand with another group of ladies.

Farwelling the Alps 2 Ocean on Feb 12th, the second group arrived on Feb 15th to cycle the ‘Trust Me’ trip .

Between the 2 trips the weather popped on a glorious show, as the Remarkables (Mountains) surrounding Queenstown, looked as though they had been dusted with icing sugar overnight. It was a beautiful place before the snow arrived, but lifted a peg again once the snow settled on the mountain range! As the trip started the weather gods, removed the snow and showed us sunshine for the entire trip.

Basicaly the route was composed of the Queenstown trails and the Around the mountains trail, with a deviation to Te Anau, one day to visit the glow worms. Another terrific trip and one that will probably be added as an annual to LBOYB calendar.

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