LBOYB is back from Europe 2016

LBOYB is back from Europe 2016

It was another fabulous trip in Europe for Ladies Back On Your Bike.

Most of the ladies are now back home, having added other side trips to the LBOYB adventure.

The trip was from Aug 22nd -Sept 7th 2016,  cycling in both the Netherlands and Slovenia.

It was a 17 days, 16 nights trip, with a breather of 2-3 days midway in the trip.

The freedom of cycling in the Netherlands was amazing! At first quite frightening as bicycles out number cars and people! Apparently there are 3 times as many bikes in the Netherlands as people! The network of cycling paths was quite staggering. Basically we chose  to experience riding on heavy 22kg Dutch bikes. We did so  for 350kms in the 7 days cycling in the Netherlands in a  loop from Amsterdam-Haarlem-the Hague-Rotterdam- Gouda- Woeden- Naarden- Edam-Amsterdam.

A breather in Amsterdam for a day, then a flight to Ljubliana, Slovenia.

With our back up vehicle we chose when to be a passenger and when to be a cyclist!

Over the next 7 days we rode from the famous and beautiful  Lake Bled,  for another 350kms, on roads and a few paths, in a south westerly direction finishing on the coast in beautiful Piran.


Trips for 2017:

  • 2 trips to New Zealand in February 2017,
  • 2 trips to Tasmania in March 2017
  • Cycling in Portugal and Spain, August-September 2017

Check the calendar for dates and availability (for LBOYB members only).


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