Ladies Back On Your Bike loves the Murray to Mountain Rail Trail.

Ladies Back On Your Bike loves the Murray to Mountain Rail Trail.

What glorious weekends they were recently cycling the Murray to Mountain Rail Trail. The photos speak for themselves! Sunshine, no wind, flowers in bloom, great cafe’ and relaxing by the river eating our picnic after cycling the entire trail and even more!

Ladies Back On Your Bike, cycled this trail twice recently, with 2 different standard groups, Bell’s first, followed by  Wheelies,  4 weeks later.

Both groups, had their ride route adapted  for their standard.2a4449e2-4971-487a-93c6-26c4404cb0d1

The Bell group added a pinching extra 23kn riding from Barwidgee to Stanley to Beechworth.

It was a solid effort by those Bells who did manage the 10 degree climb, that was part of the 10km uphill to the gorgeous Stanley pub. The lemon, lime and bitters was earnt and tasted great.

The Wheelies, were so impressive on their weekend too. They managed the personal challenges of Taylor’s Gap and 105km for the weekend.  Their rewards I’m sure, were satisfaction and confidence in their riding and the fun of the great ladies on the trip.

Both groups enjoyed the non cycling activities too, with the camaraderie shining through. We lunched at Gapstead winery, had a squizz at Boynton’s winery, had a taste of berries at the berry farm, munched on pumpkin seeds st the seeds factory, enjoyed wine tasting at Fowles, lunched in Wangarratta de raileur cafe, the games of snooker, the swim in the pool at Barwidgee Homestead, the accom and tucker at Barwidgeee and of course the sing along around the pianola!

Great fun, great ladies. I never tire of it, as it’s a delightful cycle with great ladies in a beaut setting to super places! Enough said! There are 3 trips planned for 2016 and they are on the calendar now. They are only available to 6 ladies per trip (as the driver and LBOYB leader make up the 8 ).

First in, best dressed, see the calendar for details. Hint, April and November.IMG_7541 (1) IMG_7547 (1) IMG_7548 (1) IMG_7615 IMG_7639 (1) IMG_7649 (1) IMG_7655 (1) IMG_7669