Ladies Back On your Bike also teaches ladies who have never-ever been on bike.

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When ladies contact Ladies Back On Your Bike, they sound almost embarrassed that they confess to not having ever had their backside on a bike seat! When they hear they are one of 30 or more we have taught in the past few months, the sigh is quite audible!

It’s terrific to have taught these great ladies. We, Nell and Jacinta,  as Instructor’s get a big buzz out of seeing, hearing and feeling the delight of these women as they realise they are now able to ride a bike! A huge sense of achievement, a huge door opened to another aspect of living and enjoying life. These women are so grateful it makes you feel very honoured to have been the one that has helped them achieve their goal, of learning to ride a bike, something some of us, think is so simple, yet when left till one’s mid 50’s, seems a daunting task.

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Contact: or Lou (admin) on 0417 367 067 or Jacinta on 0417 311 708.

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