Congratulations x 4!

Congratulations x 4!

EllywinsATB 2015 (6)             Karen Gittens

1. Congratulations to Elly and her Mum, who finished FIRST in the mother/daughter category of ATB (Bicycle Network’s Around The Bay 2015). Elly, is one of Ladies Back On Your Bike, leaders/coach.

Elly is seen at right in the first photo and her Mum look jolly great as they cross the Bay on the ferry at the half way mark of their 210km ride. Congrats Elly we are very proud of you and of course your Mum too !

2. Congrats Karen G!  Karen, completed the 200km Ride to Conquer Cancer , which especially with the strong winds on day 2, made it especially challenging. Karen is seen here , saluting she’s finished, looking happy and understandably wrapt! Well done we are very proud of you.

Ballarat 50km route                     IMG_7491


3. Congratulations to all 24 participants (seen above at lunch after the ride) in our Ballarat day, who cycled the 50km route either once or as 18 of the Ladies did, cycled it twice, giving them a finale ride for the Path 2 Road and Roadies groups for 2015.

Due to its resounding success, the ladies who cycled the 100km can look forward to similar monthly rides being added to the LBOYB calendar. February already has rides in Ballarat and Castlemaine for you to look forward to. Congrats girls!

4. Congratulations to those new to cycling who have recently learnt to cycle in private lessons with  Ladies Back On your Bike.

They had never, ever had their bottom on a bike seat and have now just completed their very first ride out in the big world, on a cycle path. Fantastic! We are really wrapt for you! You’ll love cycling and all it has to offer, the fun, freedom and friendship! Originally each of these ladies thought they were the one and only in the world who couldn’t ride, now they have cycle buddies to enjoy cycling with. Go girls, there’s heaps of fun to be had!

These girls will now join our Spokes group and be able to ride in Breeze and Melbourne Path rides as well as arrange social rides amongst Spokes ladies.

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