Vouchers avail: Learn to ride / JOIN OUR RIDES

Vouchers avail: Learn to ride / JOIN OUR RIDES

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Ladies Back On Your Bike has approx 180 members.

However there are another 80 ladies who LBOYB has taught to cycle.  You supply the ‘will to learn’ and we supply the rest, including the bike to learn on.

These are ladies who have never, ever, cycled. Each one seems to think she is the one and only lady in Australia that has missed out on this delightful activity! What a joy they get when they accomplish balancing and pedalling for the first, it’s a lovely reward to the teacher too!

These ladies come from far and wide Ballarat, Yallourn, Cranburn etc as well as plenty of locals.

They may not join LBOYB, but they have learnt to ride and feel very empowered and great about themselves, well done Ladies, keep cycling!

There are gift vouchers for any of:

  • A private lesson of 60 mins for $80
  • A group lesson (max. 3 ladies per instructor) for 90mins @$50 per person
  • Annual Membership of $125
  • Test Ride of $50
  • $whatever you like towards future rides
  • are available by contacting Lou at admin@ladiesbackonyourbike.com.au or 0435 261 274