Lessons & Group Rides

Never ridden a bike? Haven’t ridden in a few years? Like to brave the road? There’s a class to suit all riders. Choose from private lessons, group lessons or join a group bike ride.


Group Lessons in a car-free zoneMost of the lessons, both Private and Group, are held in Elwood /St Kilda  Victoria. These are scheduled on both weekends and on weekdays.

Group lessons are listed on the rides/events calendar .

Private lessons are not listed on the calendar as these are arranged to mutually suit the instructor and cyclist.

Private lessons can be for any stage of cycling from, those who have never ridden or those wishing to brush up on their cycling skills. 60 mins. =$80

Group classes.

Skill and confidence classes:  Group class 1.5hrs hrs =$50.

After these sessions, you will be assigned a group suitable for you to cycle with and have fun at a similar standard.

Once assigned a group, if you wish you may join Ladies Back On Your Bike.

The annual fee is $120 per year, adjusted according to when you join.

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Insurance Details

Ladies Back On Your Bike, advises members to take out cycling insurance, so as to be covered 24/7.

(Did you know that TAC does not cover you when cycling on a Path?).

Basically there are 2 companies to decide between.
1. Cycling Victoria
2. Bicycle Network.

Contact Ladies Back On Your Bike at admin@ladiesbackonyourbike.com.au
for a pdf file showing a comparison of these 2 companies, policy.

Sadly though, neither of these companies, include your bike in this insurance.
To cover your bike against theft look into :
1. Cycle Cover
2. Cycleleash (Not Insurance, but bluetooth app, a bit like ‘find my iPhone!)
3. Bike Sure

Click here for more information on lessons & Group Rides- The Fine Print

Group Rides

Social, Breeze and Melbourne Paths are all types of our Group Rides. Each of these, cater for both the confident rider and the non confident rider. Each woman is allocated to a group based on her cycle skill level and endurance. Join ‘Ladies Back on Your Bike’ for an initial test ride or participate in a lesson to ensure you are allocated to the most suitable riding group. Enjoy social, as well as organised bike rides around Melbourne with woman of similar riding standard.  You will not only make progress with your cycling skills but meet other incredible women along the way.

Melbourne Paths

These rides take you on one of the numerous bike paths in and around Melbourne sometimes en route to lunch whether a picnic or a cafe. Develop your fitness and riding skills as you cycle, chat with other riders and enjoy the scenery.

Duration: Rides are approximately 3 – 4 hours.
Group Size: Group sizes usually range from 4 – 8 riders. Max 12.
Price: $20 or $30 per person (if you and your bike are being transported in the Ladies Back On Your Bike van and trailer).

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Breeze Rides

Breeze is a program run by Cycling Victoria, established to connect women riders. The rides are led by women all across Victoria. Jacinta leads regular Breeze Rides on the bike paths in and around Melbourne.

Duration: Rides are approximately 1-2 hours.
Group Size: Group sizes usually range from 4 – 8 riders. Max. 12.
Price: Free.

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Social Rides

Enjoy social, as well as organised bike rides around Melbourne with women of similar riding standard.

You will not only make progress with your cycling skills but meet other incredible women along the way.

Social rides are organised by any of the women within their specific group for their specific group.

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Bike Mechanics

A basic mechanics class held either at at a local bike store or in a private garage, will teach you how to fix a puncture, adjust your brakes, grease your chain , put your chain back on, and more. Join a group and laugh your way around the grease and oil!

When:  Check under ‘Rides Calendar’  toggle for dates:
Group Size: Group sizes up to 12 .
Price:  $20 per person. Bring your bike, it’s a hands on session.

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Having been away in country Victoria on a cycling trip , which Jacinta organised, I can’t recommend her highly enough. Her patience and kindness makes one feel relaxed. She has untold experience in good health practices and exercise, especially cycling. Her organisational skills are excellent,  is  safety conscious and most importantly she has a great sense of fun.


If you want to have fun and enjoy a great bike ride, Jacinta is the one to take you. I have done quite a few bike rides with her over the years and it has been so much fun at a steady pace with stops for drinks, coffee, lunch or loo. You can cover 30-40 Kim’s without knowing how far you have travelled. She is a passionate bike rider and it shows. She really wants you to enjoy riding too.


I loved the 3 week course. It was a good pace, especially with the road introduction, then the ride home along Station St today. Trying out the bike paths is interesting too. I hope you are given more grants to continue the introduction programs!

(And 6 months later wrote:)
I joined Jacinta’s cycling classes with the aim to improve my cycling fitness, endurance and manage riding in heavy traffic. I learned that and so much more, including bike maintenance and equipment advice, road and trail riding tips, effective use of the ‘mysterious’ bike gears and discovered new bike trails!Jacinta has a fun, encouraging teaching style and very experienced.  I’m now riding regularly with the lovely ladies I met in the class, having lots of laughs and conversation whilst easily covering 40-50km!  We do it ‘in style’ following interesting bike trails, with a nice café for coffee or lunch, as our half way incentive, then return!


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